Cardi Care

“Cardi Care” is a proposed pilot project that will investigate whether a tool kit, developed by the award-winning Solva Care, is able to be used by other rural communities as a basis of emulating and duplicating the successful community care model that is currently in place in Solva, Pembrokeshire.

Solva Care” is a registered charity set up by the community residing in the parish of Solva and Whitchurch in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Its aim is to build and sustain a vibrant, strong and connected community in the village of Sola and its surrounds, working closely with the Community Council and other local groups and organisations.

Due to the success of Solva Care, funding was received to develop a ‘tool kit’ that chronicles how the venture was set up and the lessons learnt, with the intent that other communities could benefit from these and emulate the model that has undisputedly benefitted the residents within their community.

The proposal of this funding application is to obtain funding that will enable the innovative tool kit to be piloted in a rural community in Ceredigion, to see whether the Solva Care model could be successfully duplicated elsewhere, for the benefit of other rural communities.

The grant application was submitted to Cynnal y Cardi in June 2019.