Brian & Heather – WAST

Brian and HeatherBrian is a Paramedic and Senior Operations Manager with the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust, having worked for the NHS Ambulance Service for 31 years. His wife Heather is also employed by WAST as a Head of Operations. She previously worked for London Ambulance Service and helped provide management cover during the Olympics in 2012.

They both love outdoor activities, including gardening, camping and walking their dog. Living in rural Mid Wales enables them to take full advantage of their love of the outdoors, with miles and miles of open spaces they can explore walking with their dog.

Brian and Heather walking the dog

“Living in Mid Wales has made us re-evaluate the real important issues for a healthy work life balance,” said Heather. “We certainly take much more notice of the beautiful scenery that surrounds us every day and consider ourselves fortunate to be able to enjoy it at our leisure”.